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Preset compatibility with the Helix Floor, Helix Rack, and Helix LT allows owners of those hardware processors to easily transfer studio-crafted Helix Native tones to their stage rigs and back. The world of amp modelling and guitar effects is getting more competitive each day. As with a real amp, if you feed a Helix amp model with a signal that’s too hot or too weak, the amp will ‘model’ a pretty realistic (poor) response. The Helix Native plug-in truly is the same set of astounding amps, cabs & effects as included within the ground-breaking Line 6 Helix ® hardware multi-effects units, and shares the same simple user interface and workflow as the Line 6 HX Edit editor appli-. Helix uses IRs – Impulse Responses, ‘samples’ of live cabinet sounds – usually considered to create the most authentic results in modelling, and you can import your own IRs if you need more.

The unofficial guide for the Line 6 Helix family of products. Optionally, a stereo. WAV IR can be imported and the IR Manager will utilize only the left channel. How do I install helix native? Not bad for my 2 core i5 if you take into account that 7 instances would correspond to a 14 core UA Apollo system.

Helix uses 16-bit, 48kHz mono. Connect Helix to your computer via USB 2. Now, I would suggest that when starting out that you check a few of these presets out and see how the virtual signal chains are set up, then go on and build your own custom patches from scratch.

See full list on musictech. 00 - Rev N ---HX Edit Pilot&39;s Guide v3. OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later 4. The neat and simple layout is a huge bonus when using this plug-in in your DAW.

Locate the latest Helix Native installer and click Download. Right-click on a parameter and select Controller > MIDI Learn. Since Helix Native is a plugin running on Logic Pro X it makes sense to look at both:Logic Pro X 1. For the Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack & Helix Native. Also for: Helix rack, Helix control. Of course, the Helix makes both options available. Having pioneered the virtual amp world with their ‘kidney bean’ shaped Pod back in the late ’90s, Line 6 has had plenty of time to develop virtual amps, cabinets and effects systems for us recording/gigging guitarists. This is simply called system requirements and can be retrieved with a simple search.

This review of Line 6 Helix Native aims to find out what are the functionalities of the plugin version of the famed modeller, what are the system requirements that work for rock musicians, and what are the caveats and main differences between this software version and the actual hardware like the Helix Floor. · Helix Native Manuals. Processors are getting faster and are enabling a plethora of tone options in compact devices that in the past only did one thing at a time. Next step was to replace that Logic Pro X native guitar sound with the Helix. I would suggest that it is in my opinion very easy to use, has great sounds (and lots of them), more than enough effects and also can handle IRs (Impulse Responses, check out my article hereon why this is important).

In terms of sound, with similar blocks in the same order, virtually in. Initially I added two guitar tracks (rhythm and solo) based on native Logic Pro X guitar effects and this pushed the CPU to around 24%. The helix native manual Helix Native software comes with the usual set of patches that are based upon certain ‘signature sounds’ from various famous songs and players, they are named in such a way that it is easy to guess what they are alluding to, without naming the artist or song outright. Note: we did both.

In terms of interfaces t. See more results. Like the hardware members of the Helix family of guitar processors—Helix Floor, Helix Rack, and Helix LT—the Helix Native plug-in features accurate recreations of vintage and modern amplifiers, speaker cabinets, microphones, and effects, as well as extensive signal-routing capabilities and an intuitive user interface. The simple Preset and Setlist management, along with the output and routing flexibility mean that it&39;s easy to take these sounds out into a wide range of performance environments. . 🔴 Line 6 Helix Native - Part 2 - READ THE MANUALHELIX NATIVE SERIES:Line 6 Helix Native - Part 1 - NOT AT be/DwrCJ9bG4XcLine 6 Helix Nat. Change to the “Impulse Tab” 4. Open the Helix application 3.

It may be my imagination, or newfound familiarity, so YMMV, etc. They also make their own hardware-modelling amp which, like Helix, is compatible with presets made in the BIAS software. In order to use your custom impulse responses in Helix you have to import them first using the Helix application: 1. As your effects box in your pedalboard. The Helix Native plug-in truly is the same set of astounding amps, cabs & effects as in- cluded within the ground-breaking Line 6 Helix hardware multi-effects units, and shares the same simple user interface and workflow as the Line 6 HX Editeditor helix native manual application for Helix family devices.

I found that Line 6 has put a lot into the Helix Native plugin, making it feel slick with plenty of useful options. The Helix LT does helix native manual not include the mic pre found on the Helix Floor and Rack models. Imagine taking all the helix functionality anywhere you go with a portable laptop? . At the same time Line 6 also provides the owner’s manual. Fluid Solo is a place to upload and download patches for the Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, and Pod Go family of guitar and bass modeling devices. HELIX LT Users: You will need a separate microphone preamp to use this patch.

Some may be fine when using them directly in your DAW but not so when using with Helix. Press J to jump to the feed. The best aspects of the HX Stomp during our tests were: 1. If your home studio is less than optimal, the Helix LT is a great solution that will save you so much frustration and time spent running cables and miking up amps.

json" in the Helix Native folder to display the actual equipment the Line 6 team. Many brands are coming out with these compact models and Line 6, one of the pioneers, had not updated their compact device portfolio since the pocket POD came out many years ago. · Now that your account is set up, let’s download and install the Helix Native plug-in. Very easy to recreate Helix tones or create tones from scratch. Within Helix Native you&39;ll find over 60 electric guitar and bass amplifier models and more than 100 different effects. Learn all about what this powerhouse guitar effects amp and effect suite can do, as well as the endless combinations of tones you can create for guitars, or just about anything else!

As you probably know already, there’s a. Read more about using I. 00 - Rev P --- Products. Whether you’re a more electronically minded producer with a need for flexible guitar sounds, or even a pre-existing Helix hardware owner, you could convincingly argue that the answer is ‘yes’ – and Helix Native is a definite step up from the inbuilt guitar effects and amp processors built into DAWs that also holds its own against rival amp modellers. Includes licenced simulations of various amps and effects and customisable ‘cab room’ environment. The HELIX DSP MINI incorporates an extraordinary powerful 32 Bit CoProcessor of the latest generation for all monitoring and communication tasks, both internally and externally.

, so it is a (possibly temporary). Helix Help will continue to do its best to provide a manual on this site for each product, however, at this time, we only provide the original Helix&39;s manual. See full list on gearnews. By changing the library tone options from Logic Pro X I’ve managed to push the CPU to around 30% if I selected tones that had more spatial effects. In fact, in the selection we’re looking at, it’s the most expensive. Okay, it isn’t standalone and you will need a DAW to run it in, but for me, this is a prerequisite for recording anyway and therefore not a deal breaker.

A small brain icon flashes. Native, in its current form, is first and foremost a Helix modeler, and helix native manual a computer editor second. Luckily for many of us guitarists in these modern times, you can get a good quality guitar sound for a pretty reasonable amount of money, unlike not so long ago when you needed to spend a fair amount recording by mic’ing up a good quality valve amp, crank it up and hire a recording engineer to capture it all on tape! IK produces audio interfaces, but no modelling hardware.

View and Download Line 6 Helix owner&39;s manual online. Click the 3rd drop-down menu, select your operating system, and click Go. We also have Positive Grid’s BIAS Amp 2, Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig andIK Multimedia’sAmplitube lined up, along with some of the best freeware virtual amp modellers as well. The convenience of the plugin, which requires Logic Pro X running on a Mac OS to run, is undeniable. On the IR front, note that I had to go back to the original WAV files from the purchases I had made, if I tried to export straight from the Helix it looks like the file format had changed and I was concerned this could taint the tests.

Think of it as Customtone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The first one was mixed with the original amp plugins from Logic Pro X, and the second one used Helix Native on both guitar tracks. · So, after a few hours of work, I edited the "HX_ModelCatalog. HELIX Series Overview The HELIX Series is available in several different configurations. There are plenty of amp/cab choices that covers most bases and also a good helping of effects to complement them. Comparing with the Helix family: 1.

See full list on dshowmusic. The GUI is easy on the eye, clean and crisp, so easy to navigate which is a huge plus compared to a few of the other software packages I have tried over the years. Rating the value of the Helix LT was a little tricky for me. What Is Helix Native? It is all very easy to use and if you have tried a Helix floor pedal it should make perfect sense to you.

Click the 2nd drop-down menu and select Helix Native. Just enabling this channel with Helix as an audio effect in the chain and opening its interface made the CPU load to around 90%. English French Japanese Helix Native PilotGuide v3. As your Home Recording Studio USB interface if you don’t have one, as you could record your guitar and even hook other instruments like a keyboard to its return channels 1. I loved the immediacy of the Helix Native, I think personally that the GUI is very user-friendly and most importantly it sounds great, sits well in a mix and allows you to emulate classic guitar rigs and build your own custom ones. Custom presets can be named and saved, either in the Helix library or to another location on your computer.

· The high CPU usage makes sense since the Helix native is a one to one port from the hardware. Line 6 Helix patch designed specifically for musicians who play acoustic and sing.

Helix native manual

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