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2 4/252 16 August 3. The loco has been in storage for 4 years whilst we moved house and a new layout built. QSI has many version of software used on their line of sound decoders. The pair was configured so only t. Proto model of a PRR SD7/SD9 diesel road switcher with QSI quantum sound. We use Paypal as the preferred. Quantum DCC Reference Manual Ver 4. Ready to Ship) appears directly below its Add to Cart button.

This technology is included in all Atlas, Life-Like/Proto and Hobbycraft Canada sound-equipped locomotives. Sound is provided by two speakers mounted inside the tender and is, for N scale, pretty impressive (although I 2000 must admit, the novelty factory of locomotive sound is. Then using the Quantum Programmer you upgrade your Q1a decoder. **See all available roadnames online at walthers.

See more products from PROTO See more products for Unlettered. See more videos for Quantum Sound Manual For Proto. 4 CV 4 Deceleration Rate _____ 14.

It delivers excellent steam sounds, properly timed with four chuffs per driver revolution, and bright white directional headlights. 95; Quantum Engineer for DC powerpacks. If they update the manual the link will probably break. However, I can&39;t seem to find the reset wand for this locomotive, or be able to successfully reset to factory-specs the QSI sound decoder. I have been in the process of programming my HO Proto WP GP20 with factory-installed QSI sound. MRC also makes a sound-only decoder that is a curious item and the price is right. Walthers HO Scale Heritage ProtoPickup Upgrades Streamlined Backshop Services offers our exclusive wheel and axle wipers for sale to help modeler get the best performance from thier locos and rolling stock and to new and creative ways to utilize the power DCC on thier layouts. Actually it&39;s Proto,.

The 920 in the part number means this is a Walthers made Proto: model. This article is my attempt to write about installing DCC on these locomotives – it isn’t a particularly simple. Also for: Proto series, F7. 3 Amp (2 Amp peak).

The decoder&39;s sound responds in synchronism to throttle commands although the steam chuff can be controlled by a cam as. Quantum Sound & DCC Equipped, 9. The TSU-2200 is a versatile Digital Sound Decoder that is suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale. We don&39;t have the original box and user manual.

Battery Back-Up” section of your operators’ manual for instructions on how to test, recharge, and (if necessary) replace the battery. A quick sound sample from a pair of consisted Walthers Proto F7 A & B units that feature QSI&39;s Quantum sound decoders. Low power design that allows quantum sound manual for proto 2000 mounting of the board anywhere in the locomotive. This link is to the Nov version, 4. QSI sound reference manual;. I have the above decoder (product codeinstalled in a ProtoMallet. Proto sound-equipped locomotives include all of the amazing features found in aftermarket Tsunami decoders, including the ability to set up manual notching, a built in 7 band equalizer, built in reverb, all 15 hyperlight lighting effects, and advanced motor control. quantum sound manual for proto 2000 The model Proto has detailing that rivals many brass models that are already can motor powered and DCC ready.

95; Please direct all questions and orders to our new email address. 95; Titan-DO sound decoder for 2-rail O scale. (Such as optional horns, etc). QSI Quantum System Walthers Photoviews. For QSI Quantum System Analog & DCC 01 a Sound Decoder Equipped Locomotives, PROTO SERIES.

It has a QSI decoder. Bring Sound Equipped Locos to Life on DC Layouts * Enjoy Full Sound Control on DC Layouts * Pushbutton Operation & Programming * Operates all Sound, Lights &; Automatic quantum sound manual for proto 2000 Features * Use with any Loco with Quantum Sound * Works with any Power Pack * Easy to Hook-Up & Operate. It hauls a small freight round the track. Although your quantum sound manual for proto 2000 Quantum System has the ability to operate under Analog or NMRA Digital Command Control, you do not need to understand or have experience with DCC to operate your Quantum locomotive under Analog control.

This HO sized decoder designed for the LifeLike Proto GP7/9/30 and SD60 locomotives in HO Scale. Electronic system. This massiveis a powerful articulated locomotive that operates on curves down to 18" radius. Newer Walthers Proto models use Soundtrax decoders and sound a lot better.

A revised link can be found at the QSI by following the Q2 link and looking on the right of the page for the new link. Proto magnetic knuckle couplers are mounted at the proper height on the engine and tender. Titan-U universal HO sound decoder. Four function outputs, smooth and quiet. It fits nicely in a HO scale locomotive and is used in conjunction with a seperate motor decoder.

I don&39;t know if that would help you as I don&39;t know if you have a pre-Walthers LL, a Walthers era LL, or a later Walthers (not LL) Proto. Walthers - HO Scale - PROTO Diesel EMD F7A Unit Powered w/Sound & DCC -- Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; 168-C (Imitation Aluminum, red & black st - Expected Release Date:9. These are some of the finest detailed engines made. I have a LifeLike P2K that has a QSI Quantum Sound & Control manual. You will receive a copy of the original instruction manual. (same as used by Sunset Models.

Proto SW9 Constant Lighting. These models were released as part of their Proto 1000 range and cover three of the five types of RDC; the all-passenger RDC-1, the baggage/passenger combination RDC-2, and the baggage/Travelling Post Office/passenger RDC-3. First remove the two screws on the underside of the locomotive at each end which hold the shell on the chassis. Anyway, I scanned my manual (good news) but it is too large a pdf to send by Gmail (bad news). It&39;s the newest addition to Life-Like&39;s Heritage line of steam locomotives, and it&39;s the first Proto model with a built-in QSI Quantum sound system and automatic Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder. FS PROTO SW9/1200.

First set CV49 to 128, then set CV50 to 255, then set CV56 to 113. Click here for the manual from NCE Information Station. See photos for condition. QSI® Quantum Sound®. DCC install in Proto diesel loco.

Advanced Co-Processor technology. Dallas Model Works. Life-Like Proto HO scale 2-8-8-2. PROTO ™ Locos 3 PROTO 1000. The easiest installation possible, just plug it in! We also offer a large selection of selectable sound.

The unit used to work well on both DC and DCC. The QSI Q1a Quantum sound system is a full-function dual-mode DCC sound decoder. All is normal at Dallas Model Works (we have a unique setup) but some of our suppliers have been slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic, which can affect the arrival of some non-Ready to Ship items slightly. Proto B&M SW9.

Proto SW9/1200 Kadee Conversion. HO Scale, HO Gauge. The volume is whisper quiet and the horn needs to be changed out.

If you are in possession of any HO train engine/car assembly diagrams, brochure, or catalog that are not listed within this site, please contact me about posting them here in this section. Since this reference manual is a complete description of all currently available features for DCC operation of the Quantum System, check your individual instruction manual that came with your locomotive to determine which features apply to your engine. HO scale, Original Retail Price was 9. I am stuck - help with DCC and proto. Quantum System Sounds Note: The Whistle, Bell, Doppler Shift, Squealing Brake and Neutral sounds are described in detail on pages 19-20, in the section of this manual. Life Like "Proto ". The sound volume can be improved by replacing the speaker, but the rest of it is what is.

GP7 Phase II Toy pdf manual download. Proto SW9/1200 is out! Resetting the QSI decoder requires changing three CVs in order. Note: follow LifeLike’s directions about using the correct light bulbs for DCC. Order Ascending. See the highlighted screw below to give yourself a clearer idea of where these screws are.

CNJ 104 USRA 0-6-0 Class B-6s Life-Like Proto Heritage Series - Mint in Box, with Sound and DCC Ready, HO Scale. However, should you wish to have all the various sound affects available to you, you&39;ll need to get a special piece of hardware (a "Proto Quantum Engineer Controller"). DCC Operation is covered separately in the NMRA DCC Reference Manual for QSI Quantum® HO Equipped Locomotives, Version 4.

-----When I run Doppler, I can hear the Doppler shift but then the engine sounds fade out and I can&39;t get them back. ) Also works great for most G-scale equipment. The Quantum Engineer will only operate sound locomotives that include the latest QSI technology. Lifelike Products Inc make a number of HO-scale (1:87) models of the EMD GP38-2 (Geep Diesel Electric Road Switcher Locomotive). As usual, there is zero documentation included with the engine that lists CV&39;s. Installing DCC into the Proto HO GP38-2 Janu Bevis King — No Comments Introduction. Life Like SW9/12 and SD9. I have a LifeLike P2K that has a QSI Quantum Sound & Control manual.

Click here for the manual from NCE Information Station then try a factory reset per the QSI manual on both. You will feel like you are in the cab with the amazing new features that Tsunami2 has to offer including: Reactive Dynamic Digital Exhaust, Functioning locomotive and train brakes, injectors, power reverse, and firebox flicker. 95; Quantum Programmer.

Page 17: Dcc Programming DCC Programming Most DCC command stations currently available will program Quantum equipped locomotives in Service Mode on a programming track or Operations (Ops) Mode on the main track. It is a BL&E Road 524 and It comes with factory installed DDC & QSI Quantum Sound. proto sw9 question.

View and Download Walthers GP7 Phase II operation manual online. Improvements in Quantum Revolution as compared to the original OEM releases by BLI, Atlas, Walthers, Proto, Inter Mountain, Stewart and other sound decoders. HO Scale Life Like Proto GP20 with a M1 decoder - performed by TCS. The status of each product (e.

A friend is here for the day and he has a couple of Walthers Proto F7A&39;s w/Tsunami sound. Model HO Train Reference and Resource Website. Now, in addition to the horn and bell sounds, users will be able to access different engine settings and effects such as number lights, flanges, dynamic brakes, coupler sounds, blower/fans, reverse lights and much, much more. Big ugly noisy and smelly. Here is a Walters Proto Steam Collection 2-10-2 engine that I used for display only. &39;s your chance to get this loco at a very significant discount!

As new Quantum engines are introduced, they may have features not found in older locomotives. Has never been run on a layout. QSI Sound Reference Manual.

Life Like and Walthers Proto have made a number of HOscale models of the Budd Rail Diesel Car RDC. This is normal operating in DCS.

Quantum sound manual for proto 2000

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